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Roadsafe Snatch Strap 9m 75mm 8000kg White/Black SB602

Roadsafe Snatch Strap 9m 75mm 8000kg White/Black SB602

Price: $54

Roadsafe Snatch Strap 9m 75mm 8000kg White/Black SB602

Roadsafe’s range of recovery gear has been tried and tested throughout Australia.

A snatch strap is a must have when it comes to 4WDing. They are much quicker and easier than a winch, lightweight and compact to carry in the back of your 4WD. 


  • Minimum Breaking Strength of 8000kg
  • 9m Long
  • 70mm Wide high-strength material
  • White & Black in colour

Do not ever use a snatch strap as part of a winching operation, to tow a vehicle, or in circumstances where intricate recovery moments are required … and never use them to pull out something like a tree stump unless you want one imbedded in your back window.

Always use a damper on your straps and never connect your strap to a non-rated point

Choosing the correct snatch strap MBS to suit your recovery

To choose the correct strap, it needs a rating of two-to-three times the GVM of your vehicle. So if your vehicle weighs 2500kg, you need a strap with a minimum-breaking limit of 5000kg-7500kg. This is why 8000kg snatch straps are most commonly found in four-wheel drives, as they should cover this amount of load with some margin for error. If you tow a camper trailer or van, don’t forget to include this in your weight calculations as well.

Remember, When it comes to snatch straps it isn’t a game of ‘the highest MBS wins’, Snatch straps are effective as they stretch up to 20%, and quickly snap back unleashing the stored energy to un-stuck your 4WD. If you select a strap that has a rating too high for your vehicle, it won’t stretch enough to effectively recover your vehicle, and could shock load the system, sending weak parts flying. 

We have a range of 4WD recovery gear available in our store 

Roadsafe Snatch Strap 9m 75mm 8000kg White/Black SB602

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