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TJM Tred HD Recovery Boards

TJM Tred HD Recovery Boards

Price: $279

Make off-road vehicle recovery quicker, simpler and safer with TJM Tred HD Recovery Boards.


Make a new path with TJM Tred HD Recovery Boards. TJM Tred HD Recovery Boards simplify vehicle recovery in sand, mud or snow by giving your 4×4’s tyres reliable traction in otherwise traction-less situations. Manufactured from blend-engineered nylon for the ultimate mix of strength and elasticity, TJM Tred HD Recovery Boards are highly durable and reliable in all conditions. Plus, they’re easy to use and store, making TJM Tred HD Recovery Boards an essential tool for any off-road arsenal.

Purpose built design


TJM Tred HD Recovery Boards are built to perform when it counts. Perfectly balancing board strength and and flexibility for superior performance and durability, TJM Tred’s design is based on extensive research and real-world testing. This includes an innovative tooth distribution pattern and a patented grip profile for instant traction, while each board has a concave entry ramp and convex profile to make driving out easier. Meanwhile, TJM Tred HD Recovery Boards perform in extreme conditions thanks to their wide -15ºC (5ºF) to 70°C (158ºF) temperature range and 4.5T load rating.



Custom blend engineered nylon
Single unit dimensions (L x W x H)
1090 x 314 x 62mm
Stacked height (pair)
Traction width
Weight (pair)
Lifetime manufacturing warranty

Top selling features

1. Easy-to-use recovery tool that can be used in the mud, on the beach or in the Outback.
2. Custom blend nylon construction strikes the perfect balance between rigidity and elasticity for exceptional performance and durability.
3. Wide functional temperature range from -15ºC (5ºF) to 70°C (158ºF) ensures year-round reliability.
4. Dedicated entry and exit points for more efficient recoveries.
5. Nestable design means multiple sets can be used to make a recovery ramp of any length.

Features & Benefits

Progressive Variable Tooth Design
Improved tooth distribution and design based on research of hundreds of tyre manufacturers’ tread patterns for maximum traction.
Dedicated entry and exit points
Designing the recovery board with specific entry and exit points means the board nodules can better grip your tyre’s profile while allowing it to correctly conform to the terrain.
Sipe Lock
Patented grip profile is engineered to engage the water evacuation channels on the outer edges on tyres known as sipes.
Concave ramp
Specially designed concave ramp provides better surface contact to your vehicles’ tyres for optimum initial traction.
Convex profile
Convex board design conforms to the direction of the terrain as you’re driving out of a bogged position.
Nestable design allows you to endlessly join TJM Treds together to create a longer ramp when needed.
Mounting options
Multiple mounting options for flexible storage on any vehicle or any journey.

Make off-road vehicle recovery quicker, simpler and safer with TJM Tred HD Recovery Boards.

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